Arduino Shields

Arduino Shields can be plugged in on top of Arduino boards and expand them with a specific functionality, e.g. a motor shield allows the control of a motor, a radio shield enables wireless communication with other Arduinos.

Arduino Childboards

Arduino Childboards can be plugged in on top of certain LXRobotics Arduino Shields and expand them with a specific functionality, e.g. a temperature sensor in combination with a radio shield allows the formation a wireless sensor network.

Booster Packs

Booster Packs are the TI counterpart to Arduino Shields and can be plugged in on top of TI Launchpads ( = Eval-Boards for TI-µCs).


The Arduino I/O system enables the user to control selected I/O capabilities of the Arduino Uno board using a framework written in C++.


  • ... Very high-quality workmanship. Can be easily taken into operation due to the provided source code. ...–Conrad-AT-Customer

  • ... LXRobotics is the only provider worldwide of a BLDC Motor Shield for Arduino Board ... The board is preassembled, only the screw terminals and the e-caps must be manually soldered. The board gives a high quality impression. ... On the hompage of LXRobotics are to be found illustrated construction manual, commissioning instructions and sample codes for Arduino Uno. ...–Conrad-AT-Customer