Featherweight Schnauzer Part 19

Although the last update on Schnauzer has been posted just a little while ago I am happy to announce yet another update about Schnauzer's progress. Some free days due to the public holiday on 8th of December (Immaculate Conception) have provided me with a much needed break which in turn allowed me to finalize the top plate including the device toothed belt tightening device. For reference the next picture displays Schnauzer before the start of the operation.

As one can see from the next picture, the toothed belt on the right side is very loose and can be pressed down by applying a little force with the trigger finger.

Since I can not keep my finger there while running the bot (what a silly idea indeed 🙂 ) the toothed belt must be tightened in another way. Here the toothed belt tightener described in the last blog post appears on the scene. On the next picture you can already see the tightener mounted to the top plate.

After mounting the top plate to the robot it can be seen that the tooth belt tightener fulfils its purpose and creates the necessary tension which prevents the toothed belt from getting loose from the cogged-belt pulleys in case of rapid load changes.

Here you can see a picture of the whole robot with the top plate mounted. Currently only battery and receiver are missing, otherwise the robot is fully functional. (About time - Redesign/Repairs are going on since the last Mad-Metal-Machines Event in Fall 2015).

A glance at the undercarriage of Schnauzer reveals that all screws are countersunk. This is a lesson learned from the very first version of Schnauzer where the screw heads kept getting stuck in small gaps between two consecutive arena floor sheets.

Next steps are finalizing the robot by selecting and purchasing a suitable battery and installing remote control equipment. Stay tuned 🙂

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