Mad-Metal-Machines Vol. 21: Featherweight Schnauzer

In the last blog post I have written at great length about the Mad-Metal-Machines Vol. 21 event and the participating robots. This blog post serves as a write up about how well (or bad) Schnauzer was doing at the event. In total there were 6 rounds to be fought with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 robots in the arena. A total of 3 points good were to be gained each round (awarded to the winner of the round) with the second best being awarded 2 points and so forth. Schnauzer was paired with two opponents during all of its fights.

For a start I'd like to give you a impression about Schnauzer's pit and pre-fight appearance:

In round #1 Schnauzer was paired with Attila of Team Robocop (Italy) and Mattock of team Eventorizon (Great Britain)

Attila is a pushing robot with a controllable front wedge. It's a delicately built machine which did well in the event until it suffered its first spinner contact.

Mattock is an electrically powered Axe-Bot. It uses its pointy end to hit on opponents. Nothing more to say here 🙂

The fight itself wasn't very spectacular. Mostly shoving and pushing. Due to drive train problems (one axis worked itself loose) Schnauzer did not have full power on the drive train and was unable to contribute much to the fight. Unfortunately the drive train problems continued throughout the event although the breaking point was always at a different spot (Obviously - since I fixed the weakest spot after one fight the next weakest link in the chain broke in the next ...). At some point Mattock landed in a sideways position from where it could not self right itself - 2 points for Schnauzer.

In round #2 Schnauzer was paired with the Omega of team Metal Skull Robotics (The Netherlands) and Eisenschwein III of DK Robots (Germany).

Omega is a powerful pusher with a complete Hardox shell and a strong brushless powered drive train. You can see inside of the robot on the next picture:

Eisenschwein III is a wedge shaped pushing robot built mostly for having fun 🙂 - It's the green one on the right side of the picture:

About the fight: After some pushing and shoving Omega managed to drive itself in the arena pit. Well that sucks. Eisenschwein III had the upper hand against Schnauzer since it was repeatedly able to get underneath Schnauzer and push it around. However, one driving mistake got it very close to the arena pit and a gentle nudge of Schnauzer sent it over the edge - 3 points for Schnauzer.

In round #3 Schnauzer was paired with Daredevil of team The Devil Crew (Germany) and Binky of team Eventorizon (Great Britain).

Daredevil is a powerful drum spinner. However, with the new Hardox frame I was terribly concerned.

Binky is a vertical spinner. It has a powerful spinning disc but problems with maneuverability due to the very prominent gryoscopic effect.

The fight is starting aaaaaaaand .......... its over. That was anticlimatic. Daredevil managed to locate Schnauzer in such a way on top of Binky that neither robot could move. Yeah. Schnauzer still got 2 points 😉

In round #4 Schnauzer was paired with BonX of team BonX (The Netherlands) and Hannibalito 3 of Team RCC (The Netherlands).

BonX is a wedge made out of Hardox plus drive train. Loads of pushing power, loads of armour. It is what Schnauzer could have been would I not be in love with four wheel drive 🙂

Hannibalito 3 is the ever changing, ever improving CO2 powered flipper of the infamous team RCC.

Hannibalito 3 had problems with its valve which drastically reduced the power it could put in it's flips. This was a great advantage to Schnauzer which suffered once more of drive train problems. Ultimately Hannibalito 3 pushed BonX into the arena pit - and also drove itself into the pit. 3 points for Schnauzer 🙂

In round #5 Schnauzer was paired with Equinox of Team Metal Skull Robotics (The Netherlands) and Binky of Team Eventorizon (Great Britain).

Equinox is a very powerful drum spinner not to be messed around with. Its path through the tournament was littered death and destruction leaving behind severely damaged or broken robots.

Since I already fought Binky in round #3 no further introduction is required.

Binky made one or two contacts with Equinox and had by then sustained enough damage to be out of the round. Schnauzer was taking Equinox head on which proved an excellent tactic. Due to Schnauzers angled front + the forward looking "horns" the tooth of Equinox drum of death were not able to reach Schnauzers front. However, at some point Schnauzer ran out of luck and got hit in the side. The top plate shattered, one axis broke, the electronics hung out, the frame was bent and the axis were dislodged within the axis mounts.

What followed was one of the longest in-the-field repair sessions ever done but ultimately Schnauzer could be brought back for round #6.

Also, Schnauzer got 2 points.

In round #6 Schnauzer was paired with Bulls*it of team K.A.l.M. (The Netherlands) and KFCOS of team Pyro-Bots (Germany).

Bulls*it is a bull inspired pushing robot with a thick (20 mm) HDPE frame.

KFCOS is a superbly built CO2 powered flipper whose power can be compared to Hannibailto 3. Sadly, I have no picture of it.

In the fight Schnauzer was on the receiving end of some powerful flips by KFCOS. Bulls*it stayed in the fight only for a short time until it managed to drive itself in the arena pit. Suddenly smoke came out of Schnauzers shell - as it turned out later the right drive train motor had fully burned out. Still Schnauzer eared 2 points.

In the end Schnauzer had amassed 14 out of 18 possible points. The top robots all had 15 points so Schnauzer missed the finals by one mere point. However, it was mostly due to luck (and some driving skille 😛 ) that Schnauzer progressed so far, there were major problems with the drive train and by the end of fight #6 Schnauzer can be considered a total loss due to the damages sustained. And now it is time to show you the real footage of all of Schnauzers fights:

Although the final round was missed in this event I still got to go home with a trophy. The European Robot Combat Championship title which I did win in 2015 was finally awarded to me by Marcel Kussmann (German Roboteers Association) and Marien van der Meer (Dutch Robot Games):

Schnauzer is a wreck but that does not mean that LXRobotics robot fighting days are over. However a complete rebuild based on the lessons learned is necessary and a lot of time shall be invested in planning.

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