Mad-Metal-Machines Vol. 21: The Robots

Last weekend on 8th and 9th of April 2017 the 21st edition of the Mad-Metal-Machines combat robot event hosted by the German Roboteers Association (GRA) took place. The event was run as a part of the Intermodellbau rc model faire in Dortmund. A total of 26 teams participated with no less than 21 Antweights (150 g), 10 Beetleweights (1,5 kg), 24 Raptorweights (6 kg) and 30 Featherweights (13,6 kg). The following pictures should give you a good feeling about the size of the event and the builder area:

Builder/Robot area:

The arena itself with observers to three sides of it (one side was reserved for the roboteers):

Update: Video with best of scenes as filmed by LXRobotics now available:

One of the best things about such an event is that you get to see an incredible amount of robots and also get to look "under the hood" which allows you make deductions about how your own design can be improved. As a result I made tons of pictures which I'd like to present to you now (Caveat: Robots are presented in ascending alphabetical order by team name).

Team BonX - BonX (Featherweight) / This heavily armoured pusher won 2nd place in the featherweight class.

Team BonX - Catharsis (Featherweight) / Vertical Spinner

Team Dark-Voltage - Dark Galaxy (Raptorweight) / Vertical Spinner made with considerable parts made out of of Kevlar

Team The DevilCrew - Anubis (Featherweight) / Horiztonal Spinner / Formerly known as Caliope by Team RCC.

Team The DevilCrew -  Blackheart (Raptorweight) / Pusher

Team The DevilCrew - Daredevil (Featherweight) / Drum Spinner - This fearsome drum spinner made 3rd place in the competition.

Team The DevilCrew - Luzifer (Heavyweight) / While not competing at the event (well, how could it :P) Luzifer was drawing a lot of attention from the faire visitors.

Team DK-Robots - ED607 (Raptorweight) / Blob (Raptorweight) / Eisenschwein III (Featherweight)

Team Eventorizon - Binky (Featherweight) / Vertical Spinner

Team Eventorizon - Conker 3 (Featherweight) / Eggbeater (A special version of a drum spinner where instead of a round zylinder a rectangular frame is spinning).

Team Fierce Fighting Robots - Lt.Lee (Raptorweight) / Pusher

Team Fierce Fighting Robots - Some Antweights (150 g!)

Team IBF - Blähboy (Featherweight) / Lifter with onboard compressor

Team IBF - Paul - B (Beetleweight) / Pusher

Team IBF - Rat-Rap (Raptorweight) / Electrically powered lifter

Team IBF - Weps (Raptorweight) / Horizontal Spinner / This robot won 3rd place in the raptorweight competition (some luck was involved 😉 )

Team Just do it - Ballista (Featherweight) / CO2 powered Flipper

Team Just do it - Brobot (Featherweight) / CO2 powered Flipper

Team Just do it - DX-11 (Featherweight) / Horizontal Spinner

Team K.a.L.M. - Bulls*it (Featherweight) / Pusher

Team Last Minute - Surgeon (Raptorweight) / Pusher with electric saw / Made for a fantastic show 😉

Team LXRobotics - Schnauzer (Featherweight) / Heavily armoured pusher. On the top left corner you can see the robot Adios by Team Redeye Robotics - Thank you for borrowing me your drill bits. They were very helpful on sunday since Schnauzer's axis worked themselves loose (again) and I shall return them at the next event 😉

Team Metal Skull Robotics - Equinox (Featherweight) / This extremely powerful drum spinner was the scarecrow of the event and ultimately won the competition. The design is quite ingenious which is why one can learn a lot by studying the following pictures:

Team Metal Skull Robotics - Omega (Featherweight) / A fully hardox armoured pusher

Team Metal Skull Robotics - Otis (Raptorweight) / This drum spinner won 2nd place in the raptorweight competition.

Polyurethane used by Team Metal Skull Robotics for the their wheels:

Team Pyro-Bots - Captain Spaulding (Raptorweight) / Pusher / Special thanks to jojo for letting me have some of your tools during the event - Schnauzer would have not been able to drive otherwise.

Team RCC - Hannibalito 3 (Featherweight) / This infamous CO2 powered flipper had an upgrade with Hardox front armour.

Team RCC - Kashei Bessmertnye (Featherweight) / Electrically powered hammerbot

Team RCC - Perun (Raptorweight) / Pusher

Team Robocop - Attila (Featherweight) / Pusher with an electrically powered wedge / Also the first ever italian team to compete at a german event.

Team Upstart - Bintang (Raptorweight) / Pusher / This nimble pusher from the Dutch team Upstart had their robot booth next to ours. I'd like to give special thanks to John for borrowing me a 2.5 hexagonal drill bit which I shall promptly return upon our next encounter 😉

Dear reader,: Although you made it to the bottom of this lengthy picture spam post I have to divulge that their is no golden pot waiting for you here (as this might be the case with reaching the end of the rain bow). I hope you could also learn a bit from those pictures and hopefully show up at the next event with your own robot 😉

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