My name is Alexander Entinger ( ) and I am founder and managing director of LXRobotics GmbH.

As such I offer my deep knowledge of embedded systems to help your embedded project succeed.

Areas of Expertise

  • Test driven firmware development in C/C++/Assembly for microcontrollers (ARM, AVR, MSP430, …) with and witout OS (Bare-Metal / RTOS / Linux)
  • Implementation of continous integration, unit testing and test automation in your embedded project (for a reference take a look at Spectre Embedded Framework)
  • Architecture design for embedded systems
  • Implementation of device drivers for interfacing with external sensors/actuators/communication controllers/… via GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, Ethernet,…
  • Implementation of various communication protocols e.g. CANOpen, LoRa™, LLRP, proprietary binary and ASCII encoded protocols,
  • Bug identification and fixing (Race Conditions, Deadlocks, Buffer/Stack-Overflows, Unimplemented ISR’s, Task starvation, …)
  • Firmware & EMC – Hardening of firmware against errors due to electromagnetic interference
  • Hardware design: component selection, schematic, layout, …
  • Digital hardware design in VHDL

I look forward to hearing from you and can be contacted via mobile phone ( +43 (0)677 613 759 55 ) or email ( consulting@lxrobotics.com ).


Software Products

The Spectre Embedded Framework consists of an Hardware Abstraction Layer for various architectures + IO driver support for various sensors and actuators and communication controllers encapsulated in a small and elegant C++ API. Additionally a continous integration approach is employed with integrated unit testing ensuring code quality and functionality. The codebase can be simultaneously compiled for the host (x86) and the desired target platform which allows to run the complete firmware within the host pc without the need for target hardware.


Hardware Products