Software remains the number one challenge for building reliable autonomous systems.

LXRobotics is a one person mobile robotics consultancy focused on helping development teams successfully build production-grade firmware and software for mobile robotic systems with a special focus on reliable real-time communication and control.

Building a mobile robotic system requires a successful combination of electronic, mechanic, software and firmware engineering as well as manufacturing. While electronic and mechanic design can be handled by solid engineering practices software/firmware remains the number one challenge for building reliable autonomous systems - Let me to help you with this.

Since I've 'been there, done that' I can help accelerate your project's development and achieve your desired business outcomes.

Professional firmware and systems programming services for mobile robotic systems.

Over the past years, I had the pleasure of working with Alex on several occasions. Primarily for outsourcing OpenBLT bootloader related customization and integration work.

Alex is one of those unique engineers with a well-rounded skillset and high self-motivation, especially when it comes to embedded firmware development. He quickly grasps the system and software architecture from a high-level and at the same time is capable of going deep down into the nitty-gritty code details. He doesn't need any hand-holding and works in a structured and organized way. On top of that he's excellent when it comes to both written and verbal communication.

I'm quite picky when it comes to finding a suitable candidate to outsource firmware development work. Alex is, and will always be, on the top of my list.

Frank Voorburg - Owner of Feaser and developer of the OpenBLT bootloader

Ing. Alexander Entinger, BSc, MSc

Owner and Head of Customer Success

I have been professionally developing firmware and software for over a decade, working on

and many other projects.

In addition to paid development work I've been privately building and competing in numerous robotic competitions (ELROB 22, ENRICH 23, Robotem Rovne 24, ELROB 24, ...) amassing a wealth of real-world experience.

As a focal point for my non-paid robotic work I've created the 107-systems label, which is an umbrella for a world-wide group of talented volunteers with a focus on joint development of reusable open-software/open-hardware building blocks for robotic applications.

Furthermore I'm involved with the OpenCyphal project which is an open technology for real-time intravehicular distributed computing and communication based on modern networking standards.

I live near Linz, Austria (UTC + 1) with my family. When I'm not busy working I like to participate in the SOTA ham radio award program which involves hiking up various mountains and performing ham radio communication from the top.

You can find me online on LinkedIn and GitHub.

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