LXRobotics is a one-person software consultancy focused on helping development teams successfully build production-grade firmware and software for robotic systems.

Building a mechatronic system requires a successful combination of electronic, mechanic, software and firmware engineering as well as manufacturing to achieve your project's goal.

Since I've 'been there, done that' I can help accelerate your project's development and achieve your desired business outcomes.

Alexander Entinger

Owner and Head of Customer Success

I have been professionally developing firmware and software for over a decade, working on

  • AGV control software,
  • guidance systems for self-driving tractors,
  • custom embedded systems for AGV battery management, magnetic guidance, ultrasonic distance measurement and robot-human interaction,
  • consumer robotics systems such as the Arduino Braccio++ 6-DOF robotic arm,
  • wireless sensor networks,
  • optoelectronic volume measurement systems for agricultural applications,
  • a complete firmware stack for securely connecting resource-constrained embedded devices with the Internet including OTA

and many other projects.

In addition to paid development work I've been privately building and competing in numerous robotic competitions, amassing a wealth of real-world experience.

As a focal point for my non-paid robotic work I've created the 107-systems label, which is an umbrella for a world-wide group of talented volunteers with a focus on joint development of reusable open-software/open-hardware building blocks for robotic applications.

Furthermore I'm involved with the OpenCyphal project which is an open technology for real-time intravehicular distributed computing and communication based on modern networking standards.

I live near Linz, Austria (UTC + 1) with my family. When I'm not busy working I like to participate in the SOTA ham radio award program which involves hiking up various mountains and performing ham radio communication from the top.

You can find me online on LinkedIn and GitHub.