Pika Spark

Pika Spark is an Arduino Portenta X8 based micro robot control system combining an unprecedented amount of computing power and interfaces within an extremely small form factor.


The CyphalPicoBase/CAN is an RP2040 based open hardware reference design with a fully Cyphal-compliant open source firmware.

Both hardware reference design and firmware are licensed under permissive licenses (CERN-OHL-W-2.0 and MIT respectively) meaning that commercial applications can be built upon using this reference design.

Upon purchase the user can immediately start with evaluating the Cyphal protocol or adapt the firmware to fit one's own particular use-case. The CyphalPicoBase/CAN has been successfully used as a networked radiation and hydraulic pressure sensor as well as a general auxiliary IO controller. This makes the CyphalPicoBase/CAN the perfect choice for both evaluation and as a basic building block for your own Cyphal node.