Firmware Consulting

Who's this for?

You're designing an embedded system to achieve a required functionality which ultimately serves a certain business goal. Maybe you are building a sensor system and need an evaluation of sensor types suitable for your application. Or you have already selected a suitable sensor and need to write a software driver for it. Or you need to add connectivity either via field bus or to establish a connection to the internet for secure data exchange.

Whatever the particular issues you wish to address, regardless if you need specialised expertise and advise or hands-on firmware development, I can help you overcome them in this engagement.

Why me?

I have been professionally developing firmware and software for over a decade such as firmware for battery management systems, magnetic guidance systems and many other custom-designed modules for AGV's. I have securely connected resource-constrained devices to the Internet. I've built communication stacks for proprietary wireless sensor networks. I've 'been there, done that' and I am more than happy to leverage my experience to help you achieve your project's goals.

Over the past years, I had the pleasure of working with Alex on several occasions. Primarily for outsourcing OpenBLT bootloader related customization and integration work.

Alex is one of those unique engineers with a well-rounded skillset and high self-motivation, especially when it comes to embedded firmware development. He quickly grasps the system and software architecture from a high-level and at the same time is capable of going deep down into the nitty-gritty code details. He doesn't need any hand-holding and works in a structured and organized way. On top of that he's excellent when it comes to both written and verbal communication.

I'm quite picky when it comes to finding a suitable candidate to outsource firmware development work. Alex is, and will always be, on the top of my list.

Frank Voorburg - Owner of Feaser and developer of the OpenBLT bootloader

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What happens after I apply?

I will review your application and reply by email, typically within one business day, with any immediate follow-up questions, and to schedule a preliminary conversation to uncover your specific needs.

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Don't worry. Please go ahead and complete the form below and let me know about what further questions you have.

To book a firmware consulting engagement or to learn more about how it could help you, fill out the form I’ll get back to you ASAP with details on how to proceed. If you rather prefer to send me an email, feel free to use the button/address below the form.

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