Project Roadmap

Who's this for?

You're about to start development of a new embedded product or a new robotic system. Or you are knee-deep in development and can not see the forest for the trees anymore. You need someone who simultaneously can see the forest, the trees and a way forward.

As a systems thinker, for me any given feature does not exist in isolation but always needs to be tied to a tangible goal and business impact. By providing hard-won expertise designing embedded systems for real-world embedded applications I can help you achieve your desired outcome.

What's included?

By compiling a strategic product road map I can help accelerate or unblock your development team by giving you a tailored plan of action to take you through to production and beyond.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Questionnaire: A detailed assessment of the business, organisational, functional and technical goals & requirements of your project.
  • Roadmapping Workshop (2 – 3 hrs video call): Requirements gathering session with you or your lead developers where we go deep on what you want to build and why.
  • Written Roadmap Report that includes:
    • Initial Project Plan & Milestones: Based on the questionnaire I'll provide you with an initial project plan and milestones on how to move the project forward.
    • High-level Architecture: A recommendation on which RTOS, frameworks, libraries, ... to use and how to design the system from a high-level perspective.
    • Identified Risks: Unlike pure software projects embedded or robotic projects suffer from the added complexity due to the influence of and interdependence with hardware. During the workshop we jointly uncover the 'known unknowns' and try to get a grasp on the 'unkown unkowns'.
  • Q & A Session (1 hr video call): Post-report follow-up call discussing the report and answering your questions.

Don’t worry, there’s no risk or obligation and it’s free to apply.

Still have questions?

What happens after I apply?

I will review your application and reply by email, typically within one business day, with any immediate follow-up questions, and to schedule a preliminary conversation to ensure the service is the right fit for you. In this call, I’ll let you know when I’m available to start working with you.

I still have more questions that I’d like to ask before applying.

Don't worry. Please go ahead and complete the form below and let me know about what further questions you have.

To book creation of an project road-mapping engagement or to learn more about how it could help you, fill out the form I’ll get back to you ASAP with details on how to proceed. If you rather prefer to send me an email, feel free to use the button/address below the form.

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Don’t worry, there’s no risk or obligation and it’s free to apply.