Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) Consulting

What is Single-Pair Ethernet and why should you care?

Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) refers to the transmission of Ethernet over a single pair of copper wires. Furthermore, SPE allows for simultaneous power supply to end devices via PoDL (Power over Data Line).

Single-Pair Ethernet is intended to enable homogeneous IP-based communication from a sensor or actuator at the edge of a local network to a cloud server using a uniform protocol standard for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). When compared to traditional multi-pair CAT5 Ethernet cabling, SPE reduces system component and installation costs, weight, and cabling complexity.

It's used in manufacturing, automation, and building technology. It can replace field buses like the CAN bus and Profibus. One primary benefit is that no protocol gateways are required for conversion to other network protocols, and existing two-wire cable infrastructure can still be used. Furthermore, because it uses the IP protocol from top to bottom, no special knowledge of the implementation details of the fieldbus that it replaces is required.

For a more detailed introduction to Single-Pair Ethernet I invite you to read my whitepaper 'What is Single-Pair Ethernet and why should you care?'.

Single-Pair Ethernet IEEE Standards

IEEE 802.3NameBandwidthRangeTopologyApplication
802.3bw-2015100BASE-T1100 Mbit/s15 mPoint-to-PointRobotics/Autonomous Driving
802.3bp-20161000BASE-T11000 Mbit/s15 - 40 mPoint-to-PointRobotics/Autonomous Driving
802.3cg-201910BASE-T1L10 Mbit/s1000 mPoint-to-Point/PoDLLong-Range Sensors/Actuators
802.3cg-201910BASE-T1S10 Mbit/s15 - 25 mMulti-DropCAN Bus Replacement
802.3bu-2016Power-over-Data-Line (PoDL)---0.5 to 50 W

Who's this for?

You want to use Single-Pair Ethernet to replace an existing field bus. Or you're confused by all the terminology and standards and want an expert's advice on how to best incorporate SPE into your product. Perhaps you're already working on integrating Single-Pair Ethernet and require an extra pair of hands to connect the various pieces. I'm happy to assist you with your Single-Pair Ethernet-related questions and tasks, whether you require high-level advice and expertise or low-level hands-on development.

Why me?

As the designer of the Pika Spark, the world's first micro robot control unit with 10BASE-T1S and PoDL interfaces, I've acquired a lot of hands-on experience with using Single-Pair Ethernet in production systems. In addition, I've written open source firmware drivers (for example, pika-spark-ncn26010-driver) to bridge the gap between OS system calls and the SPE PHY layer.

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Where can I find more information on Single-Pair Ethernet?

Please read my whitepaper 'What is Single-Pair Ethernet and why should you care?'.

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Don’t worry, there’s no risk or obligation and it’s free to apply.